Registering as self-employed

If you have decided to take the plunge and run your own business as a sole trader there are a few things you need to do. One of these is to tell HM Customs and Revenue that you are now Self-Employed and register for Self-Assessment. Registering for Self-Assessment simply means rather than paying tax and national insurance through your pay …

adminRegistering as self-employed

Setting Goals

  Here’s a mini article I wrote about setting goals, although this instance relates to training it transposes across virtually every aspect of life – what’s your goal? What is it that pushes you to get up and get moving, and will that be enough still be making you do it next week, next month? If you haven’t already setting …

adminSetting Goals

Tackling Mount Recieptmore!

Chances are you’ve heard of bookkeeping before, you probably know it’s to do with accounts. You might even already be doing it yourself! However it’s more likely your “bookkeeping” is the box full of receipts and invoices sitting in the corner waiting for you. Growing dusty and unloved until you eventually look at it or hand it over to your …

adminTackling Mount Recieptmore!