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Here’s a mini article I wrote about setting goals, although this instance relates to training it transposes across virtually every aspect of life – what’s your goal?
What is it that pushes you to get up and get moving, and will that be enough still be making you do it next week, next month?

If you haven’t already setting a goal is a really positive way of keeping focus. By setting a goal you have something to focus on and work towards. If you just workout blindly how will you when to reward yourself for the hard work and effort.

So what goals should you set? The beauty of that is they are completely up to you. But the trick is make them specific and quantifiable. If your goal is to lose weight, that’s great, but is a bit vague. Instead for example, you should say “I would like to lose 7lbs by June”. If you don’t run but would like to focus on that then enter a 5k race to work towards or if you find press ups hard, work on being able to do a set amount in a set time.

You will find your goals change and grow as you start to achieve them. So get yourself a little note book and every time you make one write it down. Every time you feel like you have achieved a step towards your goal, write it down. This is you making a commitment to your goal, give you something tangible to focus on and when motivation is low, something to look back on and show you how far you have come.

Most importantly, don’t focus on what other people are doing, there will always be someone who can do something you can’t, which is fine. This is about focusing on what it is you want to achieve, and making it your journey.

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